Books by Rodney Sappington

Released: Aug. 15, 1994

Perhaps the proof that human beings are different from the rest of the animals lies not, as theologians claim, in the existence of a soul, but rather in the existence of poststructuralism. Cats may or may not pray, but surely they don't complicate ``the use of first person through multiple personas and voices, inhabiting different bodies, and at moments feeling `other' to the one body they own.'' Which is what Sappington writes of the contributors to this eclectic array of stories, poems, photographs, drawings, confessions, rants, dreams, and various conglomerates of words and images arranged around the notion that the human body (and the representation of it) is a battleground for every social, political, aesthetic, psychological, and sexual conflict imaginable. With input from Dennis Cooper, Leslie Dick, Lynne Tillman, and others, this polyglot book edited by two writers and visual artists addresses race, gender, sexuality, and Captain Jean- Luc Picard. Read full book review >