Books by Roger De Muth

Released: June 1, 2009

Many hands make a luscious international feast. Octopus plans a dinner for eight: "Please be on time and don't arrive late!" With an international guest list, he prepares a variety of offbeat entrees. This culinary lift-the-flap book sometimes has Octopus's multiple tentacles working at once—in the kitchen finding hay in one cupboard, a jar of flies in another and a plant in the refrigerator while checking on several colorful fish that are cooking in the oven. At the dinner party, each dish is a clever (yucky) concoction, waiting behind flaps to be revealed by young listeners. There's eucalyptus leaf stew for Kal Kangaroo, worm sauerkraut for Berthe Birdie, housefly soufflé for François Le Frog, and so on. Dessert is the pièce de résistance all right, although its composition defies the gustatory logic that's gone before. But there's no denying that the lift-the-flap design always delights young would-be readers, and De Muth goes the extra mile with humorous surprises under each flap. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
MESSY BESSIE by Harriet Ziefert
Released: June 1, 2007

Bessie, an untidy mouse, awakens one morning to a mess of monumental proportions. Readers are asked to help Bessie locate the items she requires as she prepares for school. Verses—"Bessie's about to have a fit. / Please help her by finding it"—are arranged in rhyming couplets, and each two-page spread is dedicated to one aspect of Bessie's morning ritual. Readers must seek to find a missing striped sock, a misplaced snack and even a permission slip among the scattered household items. Whether or not Bessie makes it out to the bus on time depends upon the reader's detection skills. Making this particularly challenging is the fact that the things Bessie needs to find are simply named; readers are not given a pictorial clue to help locate them. For example, when Bessie needs her snack, it's up to the readers to search the debris field of the kitchen to discover something snack-like. De Muth's highly detailed illustrations are jammed with minutiae to an almost dizzying effect. Readers will need a discerning eye to discover the secrets hidden within them without feeling the need to go clean their own rooms. (Picture book. 5-8)Read full book review >