Books by Roger Tory Peterson

Roger Tory Peterson, one of the world's greatest naturalists, received every major award for ornithology, natural science, and conservation, as well as numerous honorary degrees, medals, and citations, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Pete

Released: Sept. 1, 1995

A noted ornithologist contributes some stunning full-color illustrations and photographs to a disappointing book that introduces one bird for almost every letter of the alphabet. Children will enjoy browsing, but the information presented is often trivial and many of the illustrations appear to be recycled from other sources, e.g., a page on feathers shows 29 carefully numbered examples, without matching explanations or names. The text is pedestrian: ``C is for Cardinal. Cardinals sing `Birdy, birdy, birdy' and many other lovely songs in the spring,'' the laughing gull ``searches for just about anything to eat,'' and ``Color the Green Jay noisy, bold, and beautiful.'' (Picture book/nonfiction. 5-7) Read full book review >

"Bound to become a must-have app for tech-savvy birders."
Peterson's Field Guides were made to be taken, quite literally, into the field to help birdwatchers and nature lovers quickly identify specimens that often appear and disappear in a matter of seconds. It remains to be seen whether Appweavers' new iPhone and iPad app of the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt classic will improve on the book's utility, but several of the app's features, however, suggest they might. Read full book review >