Books by Ronald Munson

Released: Feb. 1, 2001

"Readers will certainly not agree with Munson in all cases, but he does a service in raising the issues and pointing to the needs of an aging society in which health care is anything but equitable."
One man's take on the art, science, and ethics of organ transplantation. Given the author's other life as a thriller writer (Night Vision, 1995, etc.), it's not too surprising that the take is often as melodramatic as the title. Read full book review >
NIGHT VISION by Ronald Munson
Released: March 13, 1995

"William Gibson salad that lacks the former's pulp grossness and the latter's technical byte."
Evidently, Munson (Fan Mail, 1993, etc.) can't get enough of the twisted-obsession angle he's used to construct previous thrillers. Read full book review >
FAN MAIL by Ronald Munson
Released: Aug. 10, 1993

"We like the chances you've taken with form, though, and we wish you success with your next and awaited novel."
Dear Mr. Munson: What a bright idea: an epistolary thriller, telling through letters, faxes, E-mail, phone messages, etc., how a TV anchorwoman is stalked by a homicidal fan self-dubbed ``The Watcher.'' And so timely, too, with the epistolary Griffin & Sabine cruising bestseller lists. Read full book review >
NOTHING HUMAN by Ronald Munson
Released: July 9, 1991

"Lacks the psychological depth of, say, Thomas Harris, but vivid characters and a hurtling plotline add up to sleek and sure escapist entertainment, just right for its beach-time publication date."
Here's an unusual fiction debut: a formulaic but tight and swift serial-killer thriller—by a professor of philosophy of science and medicine (at the Univ. of Missouri). Read full book review >