Books by Roxana Robinson

Although Roxana Robinson began writing as a child, she obtained her bachelor's degree in art and spent the early years of her career working in a gallery. Once she turned her talents to writing, the results were impressive: numerous short stories in The N

SPARTA by Roxana Robinson
Released: June 4, 2013

"A well-intentioned but flawed exploration of an underdiscussed topic."
A Marine commander returns home from Iraq badly shaken in this novel, which wears its heart—and its research—on its sleeve. Read full book review >
COST by Roxana Robinson
Released: June 18, 2008

"A fictional case study, at once pedantic and riveting."
Robinson (A Perfect Stranger: And Other Stories, 2005, etc.) offers the unrelentingly pessimistic story of a woman coming to grips with her son's heroin addiction. Read full book review >
A PERFECT STRANGER by Roxana Robinson
Released: May 3, 2005

"Stories that tick away with the precision of perfectly wrought timepieces."
Thirteen splendid stories in an elegant third collection from Robinson (Sweetwater, 2003, etc.) range widely to give us a peek into the obsessions and troubles of the well-versed and well-off. Read full book review >
SWEETWATER by Roxana Robinson
Released: May 20, 2003

"A chilly, desolate work, as painful to read as diving into a frigid lake."
A Georgia O'Keeffe biographer, storywriter, and third-novelist (This is My Daughter, 1998, etc.) pursues in lusterless fashion a conflicted widow who marries the wrong brother. Read full book review >
THIS IS MY DAUGHTER by Roxana Robinson
Released: July 1, 1998

"A thoughtful, tender tale by one of our finest exponents of traditional realistic fiction."
Another sensitive examination of universal emotions in the hearts of affluent WASPs from Robinson, in a novel that depicts a second marriage imperiled by offspring from the first. Read full book review >
A GLIMPSE OF SCARLET by Roxana Robinson
Released: June 19, 1991

"Once more, Robinson demonstrates that she can take well-used New Yorker-ish themes and give them a whole new shine."
Fourteen finely wrought and revealing stories about the not- so-gentle sting of WASP-y love, from novelist (Summer Light) and biographer (Georgia O'Keeffe) Robinson. Read full book review >