Books by Russell Andrews

RUSSELL ANDREWS is a pseudonym for Peter Gethers. Under the Andrews name, he has written two international bestselling thrillers. In real life, he is a screenwriter, novelist, publisher, and the author of three bestselling nonfiction books. They both mana

HADES by Russell Andrews
Released: March 14, 2007

"Andrews (Midas, 2005, etc.) writes well, serves up an appealing protagonist and then, as he's done before, undercuts suspense with an over-complicated plot requiring pages of explanation."
When a Hamptons fat cat is murdered, a certain cool-cat chief of police has a hellcat in his bed. Read full book review >
MIDAS by Russell Andrews
Released: March 22, 2005

"Overly convoluted, as seems inevitable in an Andrews thriller, but readers who hang in will be vastly entertained. And maybe a bit unnerved."
Terrorists, yes—ruthless, violent, frightening—but whose terrorists? Read full book review >
APHRODITE by Russell Andrews
Released: Jan. 2, 2004

"Once again, Andrews (Icarus, 2001, etc.) demonstrates his knack for making a sympathetic hero likable enough to redeem—well, almost redeem—an impossibly convoluted plot."
A smart cop, a mad scientist, and a fountain-of-youth project that springs a leak. Read full book review >
ICARUS by Russell Andrews
Released: July 1, 2001

"A credible-enough page-turner with enough quirky New York types to drive the plot along, though you can't help noticing that (with the exception of Kid and a couple peripheral gangsters in a flashback) all of the eventually dead characters are independent-minded women."
Defenestration is the buzzword in this thriller about a New York restaurateur who's haunted by murder at various stages of his otherwise picture-perfect life. Read full book review >