Books by Ruth Louise Symes

FLOPPY EARS by Ruth Louise Symes
Released: April 1, 2005

A ho-hum story with rather pretty illustrations, this is also afflicted with Silly Name Syndrome, as big sibling bunny Twitchy Nose is told he cannot go out and play unless s/he takes small sibling Floppy Ears. Twitchy Nose and friends play racing, and hoping and jumping, but each time they tell Floppy Ears that s/he's too little, so "You can watch." And watch Floppy Ears does, so when friends Sneezer and Bendy Whiskers depart, it's Floppy Ears who, by watching, sees the fox and alerts Twitchy Nose so they can both hide under a blackberry bush. When they get home, Twitchy Nose wants Floppy Ears to come out and play the next day (they do not tell the Fox story to Mummy Rabbit). The delicately colored pictures are full of flowers, grasses and small creatures besides the bunnies, and the coney hearth is cozy as could be, but there's not a lot of there there. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >
THE SHEEP FAIRY by Ruth Louise Symes
Released: Oct. 1, 2003

This tale of an ordinary sheep with a soaring secret dream earns top marks for humor and child appeal. Though seemingly content with the sheeply pleasures of eating grass, eating grass, sleeping, and eating grass, Wendy Woolcoat confesses to a fairy that she dreams of "flying through the moonlit sky." That night, Wendy sprouts a pair of wings and a starry crown; after a bit of practice, she not only takes an exhilarating flight over land and sea, but sends a marauding wolf skittering away, yelping for its mommy. Sim sends his blocky aeronaut soaring exuberantly over patchwork, painted landscapes, through night skies aglitter with stars and spacecraft. Next morning, the wings may be gone, but the crown remains. Destined to be a champion read-aloud, and a surefire way to give young listeners wings of their own. (Picture book. 5-7)Read full book review >