Books by Ruthann Robson

A/K/A by Ruthann Robson
Released: Sept. 12, 1997

"A potentially intriguing meditation on lesbian identity, but episodic and too gratuitously weird to have much impact."
An occasionally bizarre tale from Robson (Another Mother, 1995, etc.), this about two lesbians who have assumed so many personal and professional disguises that they've forgotten who they really are. Read full book review >
ANOTHER MOTHER by Ruthann Robson
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

"Rough edges throughoutslow to start up, an ending that doesn't workbut, overall, a thought-provoking and modern story that respects its characters' differences."
A first novel from New York City law professor Robson, author of two story collections (Cecile, 1991; Eye of the Hurricane, 1989), creates an original incarnation of the '90s superwoman myth. Read full book review >