Books by S. Sebag Montefiore

STALIN by S. Sebag Montefiore
Released: April 18, 2004

"There is much news here (including the fate of Hitler's bones), and much to ponder. Altogether extraordinary, and required reading for anyone interested in world affairs."
A fascinating, superbly written study of the Red Emperor Josef Stalin, "an energetic and vainglorious melodramatist who was exceptional in every way." Read full book review >
PRINCE OF PRINCES by S. Sebag Montefiore
Released: Oct. 15, 2001

"A landmark biography. Montefiore goes a long way toward rescuing Potemkin from his promiscuous action-figure reputation by justifiably rubbing a fair share of Catherine's greatness off onto, in Jeremy Bentham's words, the Prince of Princes."
A life of Prince Potemkin that starts out as an artful pot-boiler, then turns into a possessing diplomatic history of Potemkin's role in Russia's last great push for empire. Read full book review >