Books by Sabrina Solin

Released: Sept. 1, 1996

From the editor of Seventeen magazine's ``Sex and Body'' column, a frank, accessible, information-packed guide to puberty and sexual involvement for teenage girls. Solin seeks to provide answers to the hundreds of questions girls ask Seventeen each month about their changing bodies and emerging sexuality. The first section deals with puberty, covering everything from pimples and body odor to eating disorders and yeast infections, including an informative chapter on the changes boys go through. The second section addresses sexuality with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility when making decisions about sexuality. Among the topics covered: crushes, dating, resisting sexual pressure, the influence of drugs and alcohol, sexual orientation, avoiding pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. Throughout, Solin maintains a breezy, nonjudgmental style, interspersed with questions from teens and myth-busting ``Do Not Believe'' sidebars, e.g., ``MYTH: A guy can't get a girl pregnant as a result of his first few ejaculations. FACT: Oh, yes, he can.'' This comprehensive and reassuring book should be available to every adolescent girl. (Nonfiction. 11+) Read full book review >