Books by Sally M. Keehn

Released: March 1, 2007

"Imaginative storytelling with a regional drawl. (Fiction. 10-13)"
At birth, 13-year-old Margaret "Magpie" Gabbard is given two names, a legacy and a prophecy by "the moon herself—hidden within her long black cloak." Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2005

"Gnat's fierce desire to learn the true nature of life and love burns bright throughout this warm, suspenseful, over-the-top adventure that bubbles up with swamp wisdom. (Fiction. 9-12)"
Love conquers all in this post-Civil War Appalachian tall tale fueled by the supernatural energy of 12-year-old Gnat Stokes, who lives with her grandfather and who "ain't scairt of nothing," not even the evil swamp queen Zelda. Read full book review >
ANNA SUNDAY by Sally M. Keehn
Released: May 1, 2001

"Facts about the war are interwoven and the often-fraught-with-peril journey concludes in a satisfying manner. (map, author's note, selected bibliography) (Fiction. 10-14)"
Twelve-year-old Anna and her nine-year-old brother Jed set off from their Pennsylvania farm in 1863 to find their soldier father, who has been wounded in the first Battle of Winchester, Virginia. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 12, 1995

"Pervaded by a sense of urgency and impending disaster, as the age-old cycle of revenge and hatred begins to replay along the Susquehanna River, this compelling novel flows ever faster to an inevitable, tragic conclusion. (bibliography) (Fiction. 10-14)"
A powerful and haunting story full of spirits, bones, and dreams. Read full book review >
I AM REGINA by Sally M. Keehn
Released: May 1, 1991

"Bibliography. (Fiction. 11+)"
Basing her dramatic first-person, present-tense narrative on historical accounts of a German-American girl who was an Indian captive for the nine years of the French and Indian War, Keehn has written a first novel that rivals Hudson's Sweetgrass (1989) in its compelling evocation of Native Americans in transition. Read full book review >