Books by Sam Garrett

Released: March 7, 2017

"An unsettling juxtaposition of beauty and ugliness."
A Dutch sculptor reminisces about the love of his life in this new translation of a 1969 novel. Read full book review >
DEAR MR. M by Herman Koch
Released: Sept. 6, 2016

"Koch is consistently attuned to our hidden foibles and fakery, which makes for deliberately discomfiting reading. Sleeker writing would enhance its impact."
A man contemplates getting back at the novelist who exploited his life in fiction. Read full book review >
TIRZA by Arnon Grunberg
by Arnon Grunberg, translated by Sam Garrett
Released: Feb. 19, 2013

"Despite its contrivances, an important and suspenseful addition to post-9/11 literature."
An aging man loses his daughter and regains his wife, which strikes him as hardly a fair trade. Read full book review >
LITTLE CAESAR by Tommy Wieringa
Released: Nov. 6, 2012

"This haunting book doesn't try to sort out Ludwig's internal life, it just places the reader in the middle."
The poet Philip Larkin's famous observation that your mom and dad really mess you up is aptly illustrated in this offbeat, atmospheric novel by Dutch author Wieringa (Joe Speedboat, 2010, etc.). Though the narrative takes awhile to reveal itself, the book is ultimately about the psychological damage inflicted on Ludwig Unger, a gifted young pianist, by his absent father and manipulative yet seductive mother, Marthe. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2011

"An insightful history of the lives, times and works of some authors now virtually forgotten in the West, and a valuable addition to the study of Soviet letters."
A former Moscow correspondent for a Dutch newspaper conducts a literary travelogue revealing a remarkable geography and a strange, fraught alliance when the pen was not as mighty as the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union. Read full book review >
THE JEWISH MESSIAH by Arnon Grunberg
Released: Jan. 14, 2008

"A highly questionable, sprawling, dispassionate, mordantly modern black comedy: more shock than awe."
A deliberately provocative fantasy of good intentions turned apocalyptic. Read full book review >
IN EUROPE by Geert Mak
Released: Aug. 7, 2007

"An adventure in history packed with details—some intimate, some surprising, some shocking, and all convergent into an essential, coherent story of modern Europe."
An international bestseller, this epic work follows the flow of time through European locales almost as a geologist follows a riverbed. Read full book review >
PHANTOM PAIN by Arnon Grunberg
Released: July 1, 2004

"Hard to believe this listless, modestly amusing tale won the Netherlands' prestigious AKO Prize."
Dutch author Grunberg (Silent Extras, 2001, etc.) traces the rise and fall and rise of a literary writer whose sine waves of desperation are ultimately evened out by his unlikely authorship of a cookbook. Read full book review >
A FATHER’S AFFAIR by Karel Van Loon
Released: April 21, 2003

"A well-constructed if somewhat dispiriting, perhaps even nihilistic, tale."
The American debut of Dutch novelist Van Loon is a kind of domestic thriller about a young father who learns that his dead wife's son is not his child. Read full book review >
THE CAVE by Tim Krabbé
by Tim Krabbé, translated by Sam Garrett
Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"Krabbé revs up the tension expertly via several ingenious shifts in viewpoint and carefully placed surprises, in a fabulously plotted melodrama that will doubtless inspire another terrific movie."
Dutch novelist Krabbé—a contemporary noir master who's a cross between Patricia Highsmith and Jim Thompson—is best known for his eerie novel The Golden Egg, which was filmed (brilliantly) as The Vanishing. Read full book review >