Books by Sara Wilson Etienne

LOTUS AND THORN by Sara Wilson Etienne
Released: June 7, 2016

"An ambitious, action-filled adventure that chronicles one girl's rebellion and the world-shaking revelations that follow. (Science fiction. 14 & up)"
An outcast discovers new worlds in the old one's wreckage. Read full book review >
HARBINGER by Sara Wilson Etienne
Released: Feb. 2, 2012

"It's unfortunate that the more positive aspects of the novel are diluted by a confusing plot that takes too long to work itself out and has the potential to leave readers scratching their heads at the end. (Fantasy. 14 & up)"
Debut author Etienne's novel tells the story of Faye Robson, a 16-year-old girl plagued by mysterious "episodes" and shipped off to Holbrook Academy by her parents, ostensibly for her own good. Read full book review >