Books by Saragail Katzman Benjamin

MY DOG ATE IT by Saragail Katzman Benjamin
Released: April 1, 1994

Danny feels as though he has ``no control over anything at all''; his life is flashing by too fast. Hoping to stay in fifth grade, he stops handing in homework and participating in class; in response, his unusual teacher, Ms. McCardle, sends Danny her talking dog, Homework, who can become invisible and hover like a helicopter. When Homework promises to work with Danny ``as long as necessary,'' Danny imagines that he can now sail easily right through college. Relying on the dog, he enters the Great Think-Off Contest—only to learn that Homework won't help after all. Still, he and his team study hard enough to win second place. Now divining Ms. McCardle's real purpose, Danny confronts her and is given a choice. Finally equipped with ``control,'' by graduation Danny knows he'll be ``just fine.'' Newcomer Benjamin's first novel is a welcome addition to the light reading roster; this ``Homework'' is sure to be a hit. (Fiction. 8-12) Read full book review >