Books by Savyon Liebrecht

Savyon Liebrecht (b. 1948, Munich, Germany) was born to Holocaust survivor parents who soon after immigrated to Israel. She studied Philosophy and Literature at Tel Aviv University and began publishing in 1986. She writes novels, stories, television scrip

A GOOD PLACE FOR THE NIGHT by Savyon Liebrecht
Released: Dec. 1, 2005

"Accessible, perceptive fiction from a talented writer."
A story collection confidently and intriguingly connecting relationships to their locations. Read full book review >
A MAN AND A WOMAN AND A MAN by Savyon Liebrecht
Released: Aug. 1, 2001

"A major voice in Israeli fiction is emerging here."
Debut novel by an author who's already established herself as one of Israel's finest writers. Read full book review >
APPLES FROM THE DESERT by Savyon Liebrecht
Released: Aug. 24, 1998

Apples From The Desert ($19.95; Aug. 24; 240 pp.; 1-55861-190-8): A fine collection of 12 thoughtful and moving stories drawn from the previously published work of an Israeli writer whose dominant concerns are her country's indifferent suppression of women, embattled relationships with its Arab neighbors, and burdensome memories of the Holocaust. In such skillfully dramatized conflicts as her title story's portrayal of a lonely mother unhappily enlightened by her daughter's fulfilling life on a kibbutz, and the tensions between a selfish bride-to-be and her elderly grandfather's continuing imprisonment by the concentration camp he survived decades ago ("Hayuta's Engagement Party"), Liebrecht creates images of a volatile and troubled culture that are often worthy of comparison with the fiction of her great contemporary Aharon Appelfeld. Read full book review >