Books by Serena Curmi

SMILE, PRINCIPESSA! by Judith Ross Enderle
Released: July 24, 2007

Used to being the object of her parents' affection, a little girl doesn't like it when her new baby brother gets all the attention. From the time she was born, Principessa's Papa snapped pictures of her daily—a thousand photos each year! But after her brother Bino arrives, Papa's picture-taking mania suddenly shifts to the new baby. Principessa tries to smile "her very best smile" whenever Papa takes a photo of her with Bino, but she doesn't like these new pictures and decides she's not going to smile for any more. When Papa reads about a photo contest for the boy or girl with the most beautiful smile, Principessa assumes he will take Bino's picture. Disgruntled, she hides in her closet while everyone searches for her. In the end, Bino finds a way to make his sister smile. With humor and charm, Curmi's simple pencil-and-watercolor illustrations capture Principessa's rejection, envy and isolation. Guaranteed to trigger smiles, this gentle saga may provide a reassuring remedy for displaced siblings. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >
THE DREAM JAR by Lindan Lee Johnson
Released: Oct. 24, 2005

Big sister offers nightmare-ridden little sister a coping strategy in this relentlessly girly debut for Johnson. Just turn that Bad Dream into a "Dreamy Dream," she counsels her terrified sibling—either by recasting those scary sea monsters into silly ones, or by reaching into a bedside Dream Jar for a written suggestion: "You have a magic wand—Use it!" Curly text with occasional words in pink or purple mingles with floaty scenes of nightgown-clad urchins with flyaway hair capering amid twinkly stars. Next to Julia Durango's boy-centered take on the theme, Dream Hop (Sept. 2005), illustrated by Jared Lee, this "Fabulously Fun" flit comes off as decidedly chick-lit-ish—but also more optimistic about the effectiveness of its suggested techniques. (Picture book. 6-8)Read full book review >