Books by Seth Margolis

SETH MARGOLIS is the author of several mysteries and thrillers, which have been translated into ten languages. His novel Losing Isaiah was made into a movie starring Jessica Lange and Halle Berry. Seth writes frequently for The New York Times on travel a

PERFECT ANGEL by Seth Margolis
Released: March 1, 1997

"Labored, thin, and amazingly unsuspenseful. (First printing of 35,000; film rights to Paramount)"
A high-concept, low-output Imperiled Mom scenario from the author of Losing Isaiah (1993), etc. Margolis starts with a nifty premise. Read full book review >
LOSING ISAIAH by Seth Margolis
Released: Oct. 7, 1993

"Shifting from Margaret's to Selma's to Charles's to Isaiah's and other points of view, Margolis (False Faces, 1991, etc.) prevents the reader from identifying deeply with any one side, making this more an abstract intellectual exercise than a compelling work of fiction."
Margolis attempts to follow the success of novels like The Good Mother and Kramer vs. Read full book review >
VANISHING ACT by Seth Margolis
Released: March 25, 1993

"The messy mystery—felonies swarm like big city roaches, and nearly everybody's responsible for one or another of them—never lives up to its promising opening; but Joe and his mate, Alison Rosen, are as charming as ever, if not much smarter."
The night after merchandising king George Samson offers New York private eye Joe DiGregorio (False Faces, 1991) a million dollars to help him fake his death, he's murdered, shot in the face in the back of a cab, and Joe lands a job investigating his death. Read full book review >
FALSE FACES by Seth Margolis
Released: June 25, 1991

"I think you're ready for number two on your face''); his characters and mystery, though, are strictly from hunger."
Fire Island cop Joe DiGregorio goes undercover to find out who killed quietly swinging single Linda Levinson on her way home from legendary nightspot Crane's. Read full book review >