Books by Shana Norris

Released: Feb. 1, 2008

Libby Fawcett has a few issues. She is inevitably a total klutz in front of the boy she has a huge crush on, her mom is dating and she is targeted by the most popular girl in high school as the object of ridicule. Before her frustration causes her to blow, she decides to express everything in a secret blog. In chapters alternating between exposition and blog entries, Libby details the devastating news that her archenemy Angel is the daughter of the guy with whom her mom is seriously involved. Her mom thinks that Angel cannot be that bad; of course Libby knows better. She does learn that Angel has issues of her own, but in a realistic way, Norris does not pretend that the girls will become best friends. Rather, they become resigned to the fact that their parents are engaged and so Angel tones down the hostility a bit. The main problem with this story is why Libby chose to blog even though she never intended for anyone to read her very frank remarks. Of course, Angel finds her password and prints it out, bringing it to school and causing Libby no end of trouble. If one can get past that unlikely scenario, this is amusing and Libby is a character to whom younger girls may relate. (Fiction. 9-12)Read full book review >