Books by Sharon Oard Warner

SOPHIE'S HOUSE OF CARDS by Sharon Oard Warner
Released: Oct. 15, 2014

"A well-written but predictable novel with unfulfilled New-Age potential."
A family at a crossroads reconfigures itself in Warner's (English/University of New Mexico) second novel (Deep in the Heart, 2001, etc.).Read full book review >
DEEP IN THE HEART by Sharon Oard Warner
Released: April 11, 2000

"Not all resolutions are happy in this tale of love's unpredictability and life's unfairness, but the characters change, becoming wiser in the ways of the world and the heart, and that is more than enough."
In her perfectly pitched debut novel, Warner (Learning to Dance and Other Stories, not reviewed) warms the heart and provokes the mind as she examines the lives of two women whose paths intersect when one seeks an abortion at a clinic picketed by pro-lifers. Read full book review >