Books by Sheila Webster Boneham

SHEPHERD'S CROOK by Sheila Webster Boneham
Released: Oct. 8, 2015

"Boneham (Catwalk, 2014, etc.), who's at her best when she's able to incorporate funny bits into her storyline, struggles once more with the generic baddies and political higher-ups who are cut to the same measure every time."
A herd of missing sheep is only the beginning of a series of seemingly interconnected mysteries. Read full book review >
CATWALK by Sheila Webster Boneham
Released: Oct. 8, 2014

"Janet, like her animal companions, continues to evolve in Boneham's series (The Money Bird, 2013, etc.) even if the mystery is too slight and silly to warrant much notice."
When an anti-animal agitator is murdered, it's unclear who wanted him dead badly enough to commit the crime. Read full book review >
THE MONEY BIRD by Sheila Webster Boneham
Released: Sept. 8, 2013

"Equal parts mystery and dog appreciation, with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure, this second case for Janet and her pals (Drop Dead on Recall, 2012) is accessible to fans of all three."
A photographer must rely on her loyal dog and cat companions to solve the case of a murdered colleague. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 8, 2012

"Boneham's debut, which supplements its menagerie of human suspects with oodles of information on obedience trials, will delight dog fanciers."
An Indiana photographer whose life revolves around her dog becomes a reluctant bloodhound. Read full book review >