Books by Sherry Bunin

Released: Oct. 1, 1995

``WRITERS!!! TURN STORIES INTO DOLLARS! First lesson FREE!'' Bobby Lee Pomeroy, 14, of Twin Branch, Kentucky, sends off for lessons; it's 1944 and she makes the most of her life in a hick town by carrying around a notebook in which to record the spicy remarks of her neighbors. She's undaunted when the writing school sends the first lesson to ``Mr. Pomeroy'' and petitions them successfully to accept payment on the installment plan. Of course the lessons are a scam, but Bobby Lee's hunger for the world beyond Twin Branch fuels her one-sided correspondence with ``Sue,'' an editor from the school. In passage after charged passage, Bobby Lee proves she's way ahead of anything the lessons could offer and opens a window on her wartime life in the South. Her zeal carries readers along, even when the writing falters—it becomes self- conscious at times, and references to music and personalities of the 1940s will be all but lost on most readers. Still, this is a well-executed first novel, with a remarkable heroine and an arresting book cover to boot. (Fiction. 10-14) Read full book review >