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MOONSHADOW by Simons Higgins
Released: June 7, 2010

Named for his trademark sword trick, Moonshadow is an orphan and a recently graduated ninja in the Grey Light Order, the shogun's secret service, with special training in the ancient skill of "the eye of the beast," or sight control of complex animals. Combining details about Japan's early Tokugawa era and its warrior culture with action-packed, fantastical storytelling, Higgins crafts a thrilling tale of honor and friendship as the skilled but inexperienced Moonshadow embarks on his first mission. Silver Wolf, the shogun's captain, wants to end his country's time of peace. It's up to the young ninja to steal his plans for a secret weapon that could plunge Japan back into war. But it's no easy task when he finds himself surrounded by rogue assassins, the mythical Deathless warrior, rumored to be immune to sword cuts, and a rival spy who uses her own set of skills to try to capture the plans first. Intentional mysteries in the plot will be revealed as Moonshadow tackles more missions in this new series. Move over, Alex Rider. (glossary, author's note) (Historical fantasy. 9-13)Read full book review >