Books by Sissela Bok

MAYHEM by Sissela Bok
Released: April 1, 1998

"A deep disquisition on a distressingly fraught issue. (Author tour)"
Like her eloquent moral explorations Lying (1978) and Secrets (1983), Bok's latest ethical treatise addresses the dangers of media violence and the temptations of censorship. Read full book review >
ALVA MYRDAL by Sissela Bok
Released: June 6, 1991

"This probing and forgiving book carries on the explanation, exploring those ironic connections and disconnections between the public and private lives that Alva, in searching for herself, could not see."
Internationally acclaimed for her contribution to world peace, Alva Myrdal's personal life (1902-1986) was a series of battles—against her rural Swedish parents, her husband, her children, her reputation, and in her personal quest to find out ``How do I become myself?'' Such ironies abound in this tactful and poignant memoir by her daughter (Philosophy/Brandeis; A Strategy for Peace, 1989, etc.). ``Serving'' her demanding, egocentric, and volatile husband, Gunnar (her ``consort battleship,'' as she called him), who won the Nobel prize in Economics, Alva often left their three children for long periods of time with various surrogates, damaging them but mostly damaging her relationship with them. Read full book review >
Released: March 2, 1989

Harvard professor Bok (Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation, 1983; etc.) attempts to propose a practical and nonutopian framework for lasting peace in the world—and, as in her previous work, manages to convey complex philosophical distinctions in highly accessible language. Read full book review >