Books by S.K. Epperson

GREEN LAKE by S.K. Epperson
Released: Aug. 12, 1996

"The rest of the cast is too busy killing each other off."
Summertime in that bucolic retreat, Green Lake, Kansas, and the living is easy—if you don't mind the assortment of perverts and grotesques that Epperson left out of The Neighborhood (1995). Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 27, 1995

"It would take a Carl Hiaasen to sustain the demented tone of this feverish fantasy to the end, but you have to admire the unbridled imagination that peopled Epperson's neighborhood—even if you wouldn't want to risk living next door to the author yourself."
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Kansas again, Toto, Epperson (The Moons of Summer, 1994, etc.) ladles up another middle-American passel of sociopaths, felons, and just plain weirdos. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 22, 1994

"Not so much scary as flat-out incredible."
Baffled by his teenaged daughter Adele's truculent promiscuity, widowed Chicago newspaperman Guy Driscoll whisks her off to his birthplace, cozy Colson, Kansas—``a small town where you hoped she'd pick up some values and morals and maybe do something nice with her hair.'' If he'd known he was taking her into another of Epperson's Kansas gothics (Borderland, Nightmare, etc.), he might have saved the plane fare. Read full book review >
NIGHTMARE by S.K. Epperson
Released: Sept. 29, 1992

"For most of its length, this installment keeps its hysteria under tighter control than usual; it's only in the sanguinary denouement that its pulpish energy springs to the surface."
The multiple-personality patients are the least dangerous inmates of Dr. Russell Guerin's ranch clinic—in this latest Kansas gothic from Epperson (Borderland, p. 6; etc.). Read full book review >
BORDERLAND by S.K. Epperson
Released: March 12, 1992

"The variety and sheer number of threats to her unlikely heroes take Epperson way over the top; the second half of this witches' brew reads like the most exhaustive catalogue of atrocities since the glory days of the Marquis de Sade."
This latest Kansas gothic from hard-working Epperson (Brother Lowdown, Dumford Blood) features a truly monstrous town—Denke, Kansas—whose main industries are kidnaping and theft and whose leading amusements are rape, murder, and cannibalism. Read full book review >
DUMFORD BLOOD by S.K. Epperson
Released: Nov. 18, 1991

"As in Brother Lowdown (1990), Manhattan's mean streets have nothing on this deep-dyed, over-the-top Kansas gothic."
Dumford, Kansas, police officer Ben Portlock investigates the mystery of who keeps eviscerating pregnant animals—and why local trash collector Calvin Horn was cut down by a booby-trapped shotgun just after his dog was killed. Read full book review >