Books by Slap Happy Larry

MIDNIGHT FEAST by Lynley Stace
Released: July 30, 2013

"Beautiful, haunting and completely original, Roya's tale is a 12-course meal of intelligent storytelling. (activities, reading notes) (iPad storybook app. 9-16)"
An intricate, sophisticated and dreamy story of a teen's hunger for not only food, but the world she's built in her imagination. Read full book review >
THE ARTIFACTS by Lynley Stace
Kirkus Star
by Lynley Stace, illustrated by Lynley Stace, developed by Slap Happy Larry
Released: Dec. 8, 2011

"The story perfectly captures Asaf's transition from a love of objects to a thirst for knowledge that goes beyond physical things. The app shows a remarkable sensitivity to this volatile moment and does it with style and grace. (iPad storybook app. 8-13)"
This beautiful, resonant story about the way we leave behind childish things (but never really abandon them) delivers a specific, potent experience unusual even for the best iPad apps. Read full book review >