Books by Sol M. Davidson

WILD JAKE HICCUP by Sol M. Davidson
Released: Aug. 1, 1992

The story of our tallest unknown folk hero, from his early days in colonial western ``Pennsylvanny'' to his epic battle with the young Paul Bunyan. Child of the inventor of the Lancaster rifle (illustrated in a left-handed version) and other home-grown Pennsylvania products, Jacob grew up to play no small role in history: among other exploits, he is credited with single- handedly driving the French from Fort Duquesne, a turning point in the French and Indian War; suggesting a design for the US flag based on George Washington's pajamas; making Mike Fink the victim of the first April Fool's joke; urging Audubon to add a few birds to his paintings; and inspiring John Chapman, later known as Johnny Peachfuzz—no, Johnny Peanutshell...Johnny Apricotpit? Something like that—the nameless narrator can't quite remember. The tale is told in ``countrified'' prose and illustrated with small, simple line drawings. Readers can absorb a fair dose of history while enjoying the droll adventures of this animal-loving, generally peaceable giant. (Fiction. 12-15) Read full book review >