Books by Sophie Littlefield

THE MISSING PLACE by Sophie Littlefield
Released: Oct. 14, 2014

"A satisfying, icy thriller."
A dark tale of two mothers seeking their sons, dead or alive. Read full book review >
HANGING BY A THREAD by Sophie Littlefield
Released: Sept. 11, 2012

"Intriguing and entertaining. (Paranormal mystery. 12 & up)"
Clare's paranormal ability to experience the past when she touches clothing involves her in a murder mystery. Read full book review >
A BAD DAY FOR MERCY by Sophie Littlefield
Released: June 19, 2012

"One MacGuffin after another, with grisly sidelights now and then—exactly what fans have come to expect from hyperactive Littlefield (A Bad Day for Scandal, 2011, etc.)."
The ear looked just like Chip's even if it wasn't attached to his head anymore, said Gracellen, and it came attached to a note demanding $30,000 for the return of the rest of him alive. Read full book review >
UNFORSAKEN by Sophie Littlefield
Released: Oct. 11, 2011

"An unnecessary sequel that adds little. (Paranormal suspense. 12-18)"
Billed as a "companion," this is not so much a sequel to Banished (2010) as it is a retread. Read full book review >
A BAD DAY FOR SCANDAL by Sophie Littlefield
Released: June 21, 2011

"If we all had mothers like Stella, this would be a better world. Fans of quirky mysteries straddling the line between tough and funny need to grab a Littlefield pronto."
A pair of female crime-stoppers mete out vigilante justice. Read full book review >