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Stella and her husband live in Seattle, Washington. They are the parents of three children Stella Cameron is the New York Times/USAToday/Washington Post/Booklist bestselling, award-winning author of sixty historical and contemporary novels and novellas.

WHISPER THE DEAD by Stella Cameron
Released: April 1, 2018

"Cameron skillfully ties her mystery to her ongoing character arcs, providing a more compelling back story for the series."
Her determination to solve a murder on a nearby construction site threatens the life and well-being of a Folly-on-Weir bar owner. Read full book review >
LIES THAT BIND by Stella Cameron
Released: June 1, 2017

"Cameron provides several elements that will delight series fans, from an interesting frame for her story to a protagonist who can be charmingly human, a trait as rare as it is welcome in the genre."
The discovery of a murder victim in a Cotswolds village puts a family at risk of being torn apart. Read full book review >
MELODY OF MURDER by Stella Cameron
Released: June 1, 2016

"As for the heroine's sleuthing prowess, the man who loves her puts it best: 'You haven't done all that much, but you do show up whenever something's happening.'"
The family of a celebrated young pianist that's betaken itself to Alex Duggins' Cotswolds village over the pianist's strenuous objections must add sudden death to its other woes. Read full book review >
OUT COMES THE EVIL by Stella Cameron
Released: Dec. 1, 2015

"Many characters but little character development, and the story luxuriates in gruesome details. Though Cameron (Second to None, 2012, etc.) obviously loves her characters, she assumes the reader's interest rather than earns it."
Two friends try to turn small-town gossip into a reasonable murder investigation when they discover a body and some clues that spur them on. Read full book review >
A MARKED MAN by Stella Cameron
Released: Nov. 1, 2006

"Cameron still has the heart of a romance writer, and readers are left in no doubt that Annie and Max will end well, no matter how many sexually exhausted bodies and half-developed plot lines float away down the bayou."
A handsome surgeon, a woman with a past and another predictable yawn from romantic-suspense-churner Cameron. Read full book review >
KISS THEM GOODBYE by Stella Cameron
Released: Nov. 1, 2003

"Incoherent plot, wooden dialogue, clumsy prose: in a word, abysmal. Cameron should be ashamed."
More sex and murder and boudin sausage, from Cameron (Key West, 1999, etc.). Read full book review >
KEY WEST by Stella Cameron
Released: Oct. 1, 1999

Cameron, who moved from romance paperbacks to romantic-suspense hardcovers with French Quarter (1998), changes her setting from New Orleans to Key West to tell the story of young Sonnie Keith Giacano, a tennis widow married to ever-away star Frank Giacano. The self-centered Frank (babies bore him), now in his 12th year on the circuit (he usually wipes out early at Wimbledon), has been away for two months without a single call to Sonnie. She's in her fifth month of pregnancy when he phones her somewhat mysteriously, saying he'll be flying in. But when Frank's brother, Romano, says Frank has been kidnaped, perhaps by Italian terrorists, Sonnie apparently goes berserk (or actually has been set up for murder), drives into a wall, and suffers cuts and scarring, a miscarriage, and amnesia. She tries to regain her memory yet clearly suppresses something terrifying. Maybe a violent Key West hurricane will help jog her memory? She signs on ex-detective Chris Talon to find out whether she's a wife or a widow. Despite rather endless arguing between them, in large part because Sonnie feels she's lost her mind and can—t be understood by anyone, the two grow cozy while trying to discover what happened to Frank, with a backdrop of evocatively depicted Key West haunts. Cameron keeps the suspense fairly high, but one feels the romance writer spinning and spinning out the scenes after the plot starts moving. Read full book review >
FRENCH QUARTER by Stella Cameron
Released: Sept. 1, 1998

Beignets and a hero who calls his lover chÇre: the inevitable signs of contemporary formula-romance in New Orleans. In the 1930s and '40s, even unlikely movie stars were forced to sing and dance—the heyday of the Hollywood musical demanded it. In the same way, today, perfectly good romance writers like Cameron, now with her first hardcover, churn out suspense thriller-mysteries, but without suspense, without mystery, and without many thrills, at least not before bedtime. Here, Celina Payne, a former Miss Louisiana, discovers the corpse of her boss and best friend Errol Petrie lying on the floor of his bathroom, dressed only in a green rubber penis ring. (In Cameron's signature sensuous romances, sexual descriptions are anatomically correct; there are no "male members" or "buds of femininity.") Celina, a daughter of New Orleans society, teams up with Errol's roguish Cajun partner Jack Charbonnet, co-owner of a riverboat casino, to carry on the work of Errol's nonprofit organization, Dreams, a charity that attempts to grant the wishes of dying children. A villainous politician is trying to destroy Dreams by spreading the rumor that Errol was an alcoholic sex addict. Inevitably, Jack and Celina come to admire each other's perfect bodies, and devilish Jack is revealed not only as a devoted father to five-year-old Amelia, but also as an all-round gallant fellow. He tells bedtime stories to Amelia every night, he walks her to school every morning, and he proposes to Celina when he learns she's pregnant (the result of a rape by the villainous politician). Jack's father, a Mafia wiseguy, was nailed to a fence and castrated, then forced to watch his wife be raped and murdered. After these same Mafia thugs, now older, terrorize Celina—in a plot device that never makes sense—all the other bad guys are perfunctorily announced. Jack and Celina, of course, live happily ever after. A very watery gumbo. Read full book review >