Books by Stephanie Buscema

MY FIRST GHOST by Maggie Miller
Released: Aug. 7, 2012

"This is a solid choice for sensitive readers, since it provides an alternate, if somewhat sweet story, where ghosts are anything but scary. (Picture book. 3-6)"
Ever wanted a ghost? Answer in the affirmative, and this fictional handbook should offer all the expert advice needed to make sure "your ghost will haunt you forever." Read full book review >
PUGS IN A BUG by Carolyn Crimi
Released: March 15, 2012

"The pugs driving in the VW bug is a humorous concept, but these puppies needed a stronger plot and some traffic direction to make the story accessible to the intended audience. (Picture book. 3-6)"
Six pugs in a lime-green Volkswagen Beetle take a trip through the countryside and into town, meeting other dogs and vehicles on the way in a confusing, frenetic effort that tries too hard to be clever and bubbly. Read full book review >
NAME THAT DOG! by Peggy Archer
Released: April 1, 2010

"Scansion here and in other selections simply twists the tongue, an unfortunate choice for verses intended for preschoolers. (Picture book/poetry. 3-5)"
Bright, colorful, humorous pictures show pups in action and why they received the names they did, from Aspen to Zipper. Read full book review >