Books by Stephen Harrigan

Stephen Harrigan wasn’t born in Texas but the state is in his blood, all the way from his classic historical novel The Gates of the Alamo to the nuanced, melancholy tragedy of Remember Ben Clayton. In his latest, the great American novelist carries readers from the battlefields of World War I to the Texas frontier in pursuit of a story Kirkus called, “A heartening novel about art, war and the tug of family relationships.” The book follows the collision of Gil Gilheaney, an aging sculptor of some renown, and Lamar Clayton, a heartbroken West Texas rancher who seeks to memorialize his lost son through Gil’s medium. Photo credit: Kenny Braun

A FRIEND OF MR. LINCOLN by Stephen Harrigan
Released: Feb. 2, 2016

"A narrative that presents keen insights into Lincoln's complex personality."
A novel that concentrates on Lincoln's early years in Illinois, from his friendship with the (fictional) poet Cage Weatherby to his (altogether too real) relationship with Mary Todd. Read full book review >
THE EYE OF THE MAMMOTH by Stephen Harrigan
Released: April 15, 2013

"Like sitting next to a loquacious, genial and informative passenger on a slow trans-Texas train."
A Sooner-born, Longhorn-raised writer offers a rich selection of pieces originally published in Texas Monthly and elsewhere. Read full book review >
REMEMBER BEN CLAYTON by Stephen Harrigan
Released: May 24, 2011

"A heartening novel about art, war and the tug of family relationships."
A Texas rancher wants to commemorate his son, killed in World War I, by commissioning a statue, but we discover this public act covers up a failed relationship. Read full book review >
CHALLENGER PARK by Stephen Harrigan
Released: April 4, 2006

"Lacks the manic, macho intensity of other astronaut tales (think Space Cowboys or The Right Stuff), giving it a comparatively staid—but much more mature—feel."
Peyton Place in space? A little. But while scandal is afoot in Challenger Park, life is mostly as complicated as it is everywhere else. The moral: There are things worth fighting for and people worth loving. Read full book review >
THE GATES OF THE ALAMO by Stephen Harrigan
Released: March 6, 2000

"An original work of high distinction indeed: as fine a historical novel as any within recent memory, and far and away Harrigan's best book yet. (First printing of 100,000; Book-of-the-Month Club alternate selection/Quality Paperback Book Club selection)"
A full-dress fictionalization of the historic siege remembered as "the Texas holy of holies," from the veteran Texas Monthly contributor and novelist (Jacob's Well, 1984, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: May 26, 1992

"A graceful and low-keyed celebration of diving and the dazzling underwater world it reveals, as much for the underwater enthusiast as for the armchair traveler."
A leisurely tour of the coral reefs of Grand Turk Island, where novelist Harrigan (Jacob's Well, 1984) learns about nature and himself. Read full book review >