Books by Stephen Humphrey Bogart

THE REMAKE by Stephen Humphrey Bogart
Released: April 14, 1997

"But Bogart has pruned back the lushly pulpish prose of Play It Again (1995) to produce a workmanlike, though never exactly surprising, sample of the imperiled-movie genre. (Author tour)"
Private eye R.J. Brooks's movie-star parents are dead, but they still make his life hell, even when his resemblance to his father isn't blowing each surveillance. Read full book review >
BOGART by Stephen Humphrey Bogart
Released: Sept. 7, 1995

"A memoir clearly written to exorcise some personal ghosts. (First printing of 125,000; author tour)"
Bogart was only eight when his famous father died; now that he's a grown-up, a published author (Play It Again, 1995), and a TV producer, he is ready to confront the legend. Read full book review >
PLAY IT AGAIN by Stephen Humphrey Bogart
Released: April 1, 1995

"Less professionally-minded readers are likely to find the whole thing a kettle of liquid flesh."
``Liquid flesh,'' cackles the homicidal lunatic at the climax of the moldy mystery film Dr. X—as if those two magic words could explain all the weird stuff we've just seen. Read full book review >