Books by Stephen Leather

COLD KILL by Stephen Leather
Released: April 15, 2006

"Nicely, and seemingly effortlessly, done."
Undercover cop Dan "Spider" Shepherd thinks he's found a pretty decent case when he stumbles upon a ring of Continental currency-smugglers. By the end of this thriller, though, he'll have much bigger fish to fry. Read full book review >
THE VETS by Stephen Leather
Released: Sept. 1, 1993

"A detail- oriented, devious, engrossing thriller that never falters."
Another Asian-flavored thriller from Leather (The Chinaman, 1992, etc.)—this one about Vietnam vets who form an uneasy alliance with Hong Kong triads for a big score. Read full book review >
THE CHINAMAN by Stephen Leather
Released: May 1, 1992

"Strong suspense as bomber tracks bombers tracking bomber."
Vietnamese guerrilla takes on the IRA in London and the Belfast countryside, by the author of 1989's slick, smooth, fast- paced The Fireman (1990). Read full book review >