Books by Stephen R. Graubard

Released: Feb. 28, 1992

"But those who follow current events will appreciate his insights into how Bush's background may affect his presidential actions."
In a slashing jeremiad, Graubard (History/Brown; editor of Daedalus; co-editor, with Carol Gluck, of Showa, p. 1512) indicts George Bush for corrupting democracy by using rhetoric left over from WW II to ``infantilize'' the American people. Read full book review >
SHOWA by Carol Gluck
Released: Jan. 27, 1992

"Primarily for its rare mix of American and Japanese perspectives, an important contribution to our understanding of both Japan and Japanese-American relations."
In this stimulating and comprehensive essay collection (originally published as the Summer 1990 issue of Daedalus, which Graubard edits), distinguished American and Japanese scholars debate the significance of the ``Showa'' era—the reign of Emperor Hirohito, from 1925 to 1989—in Japanese history. Read full book review >