Books by Stephenie Meyer

THE CHEMIST by Stephenie Meyer
Released: Nov. 8, 2016

"Rated B for badass."
A professional torturer on the run from her employers falls in with sexy twin brothers. Read full book review >
THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer
Released: May 6, 2008

"A clever premise and competent writing keep this from turning into a pastiche, though after a couple of hundred pages, readers may wish that just one artery would get punctured."
The body snatchers are coming, but they just want to talk—to themselves. Read full book review >
ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer
Released: Aug. 1, 2007

"Fans of Bella's angst-drenched love triangle will gobble this entry up, and the open-ended conclusion paves the way for Jake's story to come. (Fantasy. YA)"
It's the countdown to graduation and immortality for Bella, since the events of New Moon (2006) have convinced boyfriend Edward to let her join him in vampirism. Read full book review >
NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer
Released: Sept. 1, 2006

"Despite Bella's flat and obsessive personality, this tale of tortured demon lovers entices. (Fantasy. 13-16)"
All is not well between demon-magnet Bella and Edward Cullen, her vampire Romeo. Read full book review >
TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer
Released: Oct. 1, 2005

"Nonetheless, the portrayal of dangerous lovers hits the spot; fans of dark romance will find it hard to resist. (Fantasy. YA)"
Sun-loving Bella meets her demon lover in a vampire tale strongly reminiscent of Robin McKinley's Sunshine. Read full book review >