Books by Steve Alten

A native of Philadelphia, Steve Alten holds a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, a masters in sports medicine from the University of Delaware, and a doctorate in sports administration from Temple University. He is the New York Times bestselling

THE SHELL GAME by Steve Alten
Released: Jan. 22, 2008

"Great fun for the paranoid amongst us."
Real-life political figures pop up alarmingly in a nerve-wracking thriller about America's addiction to Middle-Eastern sweet crude and the network of enablers who keep our dependent nation away from detox. Read full book review >
THE LOCH by Steve Alten
Released: May 1, 2005

"Heart-stopping action and horror that will give night terrors to the most jaded thrill-seeker. "
After spending three books with a 60-foot prehistoric shark (Meg, 1997, etc.), Alten takes on Nessie in a supercharged monster thriller. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2004

"Galloping, hugely detailed scientific/paranormal/spiritual SF superdrama that deserves a wide audience of warped but delighted readers."
Awake, Manicheans! And read the Mayan prophecies whose ancient Good-versus-Evil glyphs, deciphered by the late Julius Gabriel (Domain, 2001), foretell Earth's destruction in 2012. It's now 2013. Read full book review >
GOLIATH by Steve Alten
Released: July 1, 2002

"Nifty storytelling. Next up: Sorceress."
First volume in a projected two-shot series, by the author of the wondrous Meg (1997). Read full book review >
DOMAIN by Steve Alten
Released: Feb. 1, 2001

"Then back to the immensely appealing Meg the shark?"
Third novel by Alten, author of the bestselling Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror (1997) and its sequel, The Trench (1999), the story of Carcharodon Megalodon, a 60-foot shark from the abyss that in the second installment spawned a whole family of monsters. Read full book review >
THE TRENCH by Steve Alten
Released: July 1, 1999

"Not exactly taxing on the intellectual side, but a nail-biting summer read. (Author tour)"
A sequel to the riveting Meg (1997), continuing the adventures of a prehistoric shark with a mouth like a garage door that marauds in the ocean's upper waters along the California coast. Read full book review >
MEG by Steve Alten
Released: July 1, 1997

"Weightless characters on a choppy sea—but hellishly riveting. (First printing of 250,000; film rights to Disney; Literary Guild main selection)"
As Jaws meets Jurassic Park, Meg (short for megladon) brings us a 60-foot, 20-ton prehistoric shark with a nine-foot-wide mouth that is likely to gobble up bestseller lists, as well as reappear in 1998 as a summer blockbuster. Read full book review >