Books by Steve Hamilton

Born and raised in Detroit, Steve Hamilton graduated from the University of Michigan where he won the prestigious Hopwood Award for fiction. His novels have won numerous awards and media acclaim beginning with the very first in the Alex McKnight series, A

EXIT STRATEGY by Steve Hamilton
Released: May 16, 2017

"Though this book lacks the depth of the series opener, its hard-wired plot and adrenaline-fueled scenes make it another must-read for fans of lean, mean crime fiction."
Nick Mason, who has been killing people for Darius Cole, the all-powerful inmate who got him sprung from a maximum security prison in exchange for such services, is targeted himself after initiating a scheme to free himself from Cole's clutches. Read full book review >
Released: May 17, 2016

"With a terrific new hero built for the long run, Hamilton stands to gain new followers—especially if Hollywood's plans to adapt the book come to fruition."
When hard-nosed Chicagoan Nick Mason is sprung from an Indiana prison after serving only five years of a 25-year-to-life sentence, he's hardly done paying for a killing he did not commit. Read full book review >
LET IT BURN by Steve Hamilton
Released: July 2, 2013

"Hamilton always gives good value, and this swift-moving, moody tale is no exception, even if the very last twist is perhaps one too many."
Michigan's Upper Peninsula will have to take care of itself this time. A newly paroled convict has recalled Alex McKnight (Misery Bay, 2011, etc.) to Detroit past and present. Read full book review >
MISERY BAY by Steve Hamilton
Released: June 7, 2011

"Too soft in the middle to be among the best in this estimable series; still, Hamilton (The Lock Artist, 2010, etc.) has a great time with the love-hate relationship between two alpha males."
After six years of hiatus, Hamilton returns ex-cop Alex McKnight to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, land that he loves, and sets him against a psychopathic killer who thinks he's Alfred Hitchcock. Read full book review >
THE LOCK ARTIST by Steve Hamilton
Released: Jan. 5, 2010

"Readers may tire of lock lore a bit earlier than Hamilton (Night Work, 2007, etc.), but sharp prose and a strong cast should keep them in line."
A traumatized boy grows into a world-class safecracker. Read full book review >
NIGHT WORK by Steve Hamilton
Released: Sept. 20, 2007

"It's hard not to like a good guy like Joe. The plotting goes a bit Grand Guignol at the end, but Hamilton fans are prepared for that."
Hamilton gives private eye Alex McKnight (A Stolen Season, 2006, etc.) a rest and introduces a probation officer who's being stalked by a crazy. Read full book review >
A STOLEN SEASON by Steve Hamilton
Released: Sept. 11, 2006

"The cast is strong and the local color vivid as ever, but this time, the plot has the phoned-in feel of characters in search of a story."
Michigan's Upper Peninsula has seen its share of iron winters—in 1995, it snowed six feet in a single day—but this one feels, as one depressed party puts it, like "something in the air is just plain broken." Read full book review >
ICE RUN by Steve Hamilton
Released: June 23, 2004

"Character-driven, briskly paced, occasionally witty, even wise: Hamilton's best, better than Edgar-winning A Cold Day in Paradise (1998)."
Though it's winter in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where 30-below is commonplace, one lucky citizen has summer in his heart. Read full book review >
BLOOD IS THE SKY by Steve Hamilton
Released: June 12, 2003

"This smart, brisk, twisty tale is even better."
In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where the temperature periodically checks in at 30 below, everybody knows it's crazy to start rebuilding a log cabin in October. Read full book review >
THE HUNTING WIND by Steve Hamilton
Released: June 11, 2001

"If the story line sounds weak and wandering, it is: a double disappointment after Alex's two engaging forerunners."
Alex McNight is hoisting a couple in his favorite local, the Glasgow Inn, when in waltzes Randy Wilkins to put a crimp into his not doing much. Read full book review >
NORTH OF NOWHERE by Steve Hamilton
Released: May 1, 2001

"Hamilton (The Hunting Wind, 2001, etc.) spins a brisk, well-plotted tale brightened by his usual deft way with local color."
Though all Michigan's Upper Peninsula is basking in rare balmy sunlight, it's the summer of Alex McKnight's discontent. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2000

"Moreover, he knows how to pace a story, something of a lost art in recent crime fiction. (Author tour)"
The lady in distress is a lovely Ojibwa woman whom Alex McKnight finds difficult to resist. Read full book review >
A COLD DAY IN PARADISE by Steve Hamilton
Released: Sept. 8, 1998

"Martin's 1997 award for Best First Private Eye Novel, unreels the mystery with a mounting tension many an old pro might envy."
Just what rookie shamus Alex McKnight needs: Maximilian Rose, the maniac who killed his partner and sidelined Alex himself from the Detroit Police Department 14 years ago is now back in his life again, phoning him late at night, leaving him red roses as mementos, and sending him letters bragging about what he's going to do now that he's out of stir. Read full book review >