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BUGS BEFORE TIME by Cathy Camper
Released: April 1, 2002

Full of odd and impressive facts and attention-grabbing headlines that will thrill and intrigue young nature enthusiasts, this debut is irresistible. Chapter headings say it all, as in: "Trilobites: Supersuckers," "Bugs Rule the Earth," or "Dragonflies: Rulers of the Sky." The reader learns that "for every pound of people on earth, there are three hundred pounds of insects." And that there were ancient relatives of the scorpions that "wouldn't fit in your bathtub." The author explains how ancient insect fossils were formed, why scientists study insects, and current theories about how insects developed wings. Full-color drawings on each page are appealing to the eye and dramatic as they show giant-sized insects and their relatives in their ancient habitats, as well as enlarged views of insect special features, like the big claw of the dragonfly naiad. She concludes with a geologic timeline that shows when insects evolved and an extensive reading list including magazine articles, Web sites, and a glossary. This title will fly off the shelves and send shivers of delight. (Nonfiction. 8-12)Read full book review >