Books by Steve Lyon

THE GIFT MOVES by Steve Lyon
Released: April 22, 2004

In his debut, Lyon creates a futuristic world where wealth and material things are not measures of success or happiness. Path Down the Mountain has come to Bird's hometown, Banks, to study weaving with the best weaver in the land, Heron. When Bird first sees Path weaving, he recognizes her great talent. On the fast-approaching Midsummer Day festival, when the year begins anew, every person takes everything they have to a huge bonfire where it's all burned and they are empty to start again. Path has a secret she doesn't want to give, but this is a tale of self-realization, so of course she comes to realize that the right choice is to give her name and her story. Poetic language, a finely drawn plot, and engaging characters will surely make this a favorite of SF and fantasy fans as well as anyone who loves good storytelling. (Fiction. 12-14)Read full book review >
NIGHTKILL by F. Paul Wilson
Released: Oct. 1, 1997

Semimedical thriller by Wilson, a practicing physician (Deep as the Marrow, p. 95, etc.) and sometime horror novelist (The Select, 1994, etc.), who joins Lyon, also a novelist of medical thrillers, to produce a mob/medical story without a hint of the occult. Jake Nacht, a hit man with 17 kills, works for the mob on a freelance basis. As he sees it, he's helping haul out the trash by killing mobsters. An orphan, Jake is the adopted son of Sarge, an ex-Marine sniper with some 250 wartime kills. Sarge, who may or may not be psychotic, served for some time as a mob assassin, and has done well by his efforts. He trains Jake to perfection, then dies in a confrontation gone wrong: He forces Jake to kill him in a variation of ``the most dangerous game'' of human hunting human. Later, the remorseless Jake quickly becomes one of the mob's most reliable freelancers—until, that is, he's caught in a double- cross. Mr. C., a mob godfather, has his henchman Fredo hire Jake to kill US Senator Weingarten during a speech at an outdoor rally. Despite misgivings, Jake sets about the job, but just as he's about to take the senator out he learns that he's been set up. Shot by a detective who's been tipped off to his presence, Jake is paralyzed, his spine severed. But there's no evidence against him, and he's likely to collect a cool $5 million from the city. It doesn't matter: A depressed Jake starts on rehab convinced that he would rather die. Then nurse Angela and her uncle Dr. Graham sneak him into a new, highly experimental program aimed at rebuilding spinal cords. Jake recovers, secretly, and sets out to avenge himself on Mr. C and Fredo. Fast-moving, yes. Inventive, no. Read full book review >