Books by Steve Monroe

‘46, CHICAGO by Steve Monroe
Released: Aug. 1, 2002

"The same old dirty-cop-in-a-dirtier-city tune is made to sound like something completely new."
From white-hot rising talent Monroe ('57 Chicago, 2001), a punishing cops and robbers tale that won't win any prizes for subtlety, though there's much to admire in its two-fisted directness. Read full book review >
’57, CHICAGO by Steve Monroe
Released: April 1, 2001

"A knowing, reeking, man's-man of a story with a finale right out of Hemingway. Fainthearted readers may want to wait for the film Miramax has under development to sort out the two-dozen subplots."
A retro noir valentine to big-city, small-time boxing. Read full book review >