Books by Steven Cooper

DIG YOUR GRAVE by Steven Cooper
Released: Oct. 16, 2018

"Though his writing sometimes verges on cliché, Cooper (Desert Remains, 2017) continues to blend solid investigative work, psychological insight, and personal touches to create a broadly appealing series that could capture readers interested in procedurals even if they're indifferent to psychic woo-woo."
A longtime unofficial detective and a psychic team up once more to find a killer desperate to make a statement. Read full book review >
WITH YOU IN SPIRIT by Steven Cooper
Released: Aug. 1, 2003

"Witty, smutty nonsense with just a ghost of a mystery."
For a tale fueled by the cryptic commands of disembodied voices, TV journalist Cooper's debut also shows a fascination with human anatomy rarely seen outside high-school health classes. Read full book review >