Books by Steven Rinehart

BUILT IN A DAY by Steven Rinehart
Released: July 22, 2003

"Competent but depressing: first-novelist Rinehart (stories: Kick in the Head, 2000) writes in a flat, detached tone appropriate to the story but exhausting to read."
The belated coming-of-age of a thirtysomething slacker stumbling through life in the wilds of Iowa. Read full book review >
KICK IN THE HEAD by Steven Rinehart
Released: May 1, 2000

" For the most part, although Rinehart is a talented writer, the results here are frustratingly unimpressive, an MFA's idea of what makes short fiction work. The stories don't end, they just stop, as if Rinehart ran out of ink (or ideas). "
A debut collection of a dozen stories, set in the Midwest and focusing on marginal people who always seem to be in motion, searching for some kind of solid connection that will perhaps make them whole. Read full book review >