Books by Steven Schwartz

A GOOD DOCTOR'S SON by Steven Schwartz
Released: Feb. 1, 1998

"Schwartz is a gifted writer, but his premise here doesn't entirely sustain his talent."
Prize-winning storywriter Schwartz's second novel (Therapy, 1994) is the well (if conventionally) told tale of a teenaged boy whose life comes close to being destroyed by guilt. Read full book review >
THERAPY by Steven Schwartz
Released: June 1, 1994

"Some moments of beautiful gravity, but occasional false notes as well."
A first novel about a therapist and his patients tenuously mixes psychodrama and romance. Read full book review >
LIVES OF THE FATHERS by Steven Schwartz
Released: Sept. 1, 1991

"Some of these first appeared in Antioch, Virginia Quarterly Review, and Literary Review."
Of these ten stories, another volume in the Illinois Short Fiction Series (see Burgin and Costello), two that dazzle concern sons who reach maturity through relationships with, or reminiscences of, their fathers; the rest either mark time or overreach. ``Madagascar'' (a Nelson Algren Award winner) is a marvelous reminiscence of a father's past as a Jew in Gestapo-controlled Amsterdam juxtaposed to the narrator's painful growth into adulthood. Read full book review >