Books by Sue Hitchcock

NIGHT CAT by Margaret Beames
Released: Sept. 1, 2003

Night's dark alluring shadows and nocturnal sights and sounds are too intriguing for Oliver the cat, who chooses to stay out in lieu of retiring within the cozy, warm home he shares with Mrs. Bundy. Oliver's exploration of the moonlit garden uncovers fluttering moths, a snail tucked within her shell, a prickly porcupine ball, a quick-as-lightning mouse followed by a large screechy owl that really isn't as scary as facing a large "bright-eyed, furry opossum." The weary Oliver returns to the doorstep as the first large raindrop falls and is happy to retreat indoors—not because he was really frightened, but rather to keep Mrs. Bundy company. Powerful computer-generated artwork of large black silhouettes for Oliver, Mrs. Bundy, and the other creatures set against a night-garden background of dark purplish shades, accented by large amber-colored eyeballs reflecting Oliver's astonished reactions work beautifully with the story, written in an easy-flowing free verse. A great read-aloud for both large groups and snug one-on-one. (Picture book. 3-5)Read full book review >