Books by Sue Shellenbarger

Released: April 1, 1999

Practical advice for managers and parents desperately trying to figure out the steps of the work-family dance. Since 1991, Shellenbarger has been writing a column for the Wall Street Journal on the intricacies of balancing work demands with family needs. A full-time telecommuter after resigning as the Journal's Chicago bureau chief with the birth of her second child, Shellenbarger knows firsthand of what she speaks. She compiles 100 of her columns, divided neatly into overarching categories that discuss everything from how to divide up housekeeping and parenting duties to how to get your boss to see the light. Although the essays seem a tad redundant at times, they are useful, especially since they rely on a satisfying mix of experts, bosses, and employees. Of additional appeal is their length—at about two-and-one-half pages apiece, they're easily digested in the few post-dinner minutes of private time afforded most working parents. Their length also makes them ideal for copying and placement in the mailboxes of unenlightened bosses. (Author tour) Read full book review >