Books by Susan Carroll

Susan Carroll is an award-winning author whose books include The Bride Finder, The Painted Veil, and Winterbourne. She lives in Rock Island, Illinois.

THE LADY OF SECRETS by Susan Carroll
Released: Dec. 11, 2012

"Skillful story weaving insures that readers will only know the answers to the book's questions at the end."
A practitioner of white magic becomes embroiled, against her will, in the Guy Fawkes conspiracy. Read full book review >
THE DARK QUEEN by Susan Carroll
Released: April 1, 2005

"Stock characters and predictable situations, not worth revisiting in the promised sequel involving younger sister Gabrielle."
Carroll's latest romance (The Bride Finder, 1998, etc.) fulfills the generic rules in pedestrian fashion, swinging back to a time of witchery in France on the eve of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. Read full book review >
THE BRIDE FINDER by Susan Carroll
Released: May 1, 1998

"Unsurprising but satisfying."
A yeomanlike romance, with a heavy emphasis on the uncanny. Read full book review >