Books by Susan Froetschel

ROYAL ESCAPE by Susan Froetschel
Released: Dec. 10, 2008

"Borrowing freely from the life of Princess You-Know-Who, Froetschel (Interruptions, 2004, etc.) provides more thrills than mystification. One hopes the Windsors lead a less miserable existence than their fictional counterparts."
Melodramatic perils of a princess planning to divorce the British Royal Family. Read full book review >
INTERRUPTIONS by Susan Froetschel
Released: Nov. 16, 2004

"Environmentally correct or not, this sophomore outing (Alaska Gray, 1994) could use a few direct routes across the wilderness of secrets. Nice family, beautiful place, absurd plot."
Marcy James passionately opposes two encroachments on her wilderness life on the island of Sitka, Alaska: Ritalin for her preteen son and a proposed highway cutting straight across the rain forest. Read full book review >
ALASKA GRAY by Susan Froetschel
Released: Oct. 21, 1994

Her new job as director of finance for Sitka's Katmai Shee Inc. canceled before she even has a chance to show up for work, Jane McBride, already smitten with the Alaskan town and resolved not to go back to Boston and the unspeakable secret she left behind there, lands a lesser job teaching economics at Holmes Barrett College and stays on with native Katmai Shee director/TV news reporter Francesca LaQuestion while she cultivates friendships with brotherly Daily Record reporter Bob Denson, psychiatrist Michael Benoit, and Holmes Barrett museum curator Daniel Greer. Read full book review >