Books by Susan Holtzer

BETTER THAN SEX by Susan Holtzer
Released: June 11, 2001

"Includes one fusilli recipe (not tasted)."
Interrupting their San Francisco honeymoon for dinner at Richard Killian's Maize and Blue sports bar, Ann Arbor police lieutenant Karl Genesko and computer whiz Anneke Haagen are watching the Michigan football game when they're interviewed about their food preferences by Michigan graduate student Lindsay Summers, who is appalled at Chef Cody's mega-fat, mega-cholesterol menu. Read full book review >
THE WEDDING GAME by Susan Holtzer
Released: April 1, 2000

"Premarital mayhem threatens postnuptial bliss, yet readers may scroll quickly when the computer-games group is hit by the humdrum murder glitch."
If you're looking for a lightweight read, you might want to "Sign On" to Susan Holtzer's (The Silly Season, 1998, etc.) fourth University of Michigan adventure for computer designer Anneke Haagen. Read full book review >
THE SILLY SEASON by Susan Holtzer
Released: Feb. 5, 1999

"Karl Anneke (Black Diamond, 1997) en route to the nuptial altar, and enjoy the priceless blather of the terminally alien-struck in this aptly titled diversion."
In an uncanny echo of Ann Arbor's real-life 1966 UFO sightings (sorry, make that alleged sightings; the explanation that went into the history books was swamp gas), mysterious lights have once again appeared over the University of Michigan campus. Read full book review >
BLACK DIAMOND by Susan Holtzer
Released: Oct. 17, 1997

"Best not to ask too closely how these two trails will cross- -but just to enjoy the adroit intermingling of intrigue present and past as Holtzer bridges a hundred years to bring two generations of strong Swann women vividly to life."
Stopping off with her sharp-tongued friend Clare Swann on her way to a University of Michigan class, Zoe Kaplan steps into a hornet's nest—the Swann relatives' sniping over the late Julia Swann Vanderlaan's personal property—that deepens into mystery with the news that (1) great-aunt Julia, who'd been unstintingly subsidizing Clare's education, has left an estate valued at a mere $23,462.17, and that (2) Clare's long-''dead'' father Gerald, who actually walked out on her and her high-strung mother Helena years and years ago, is waiting for Clare in her dorm room, this time dead beyond cavil. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 11, 1996

"For others, and despite all the chipper dialogue, this ponderous maze is no fun at all."
It's President's Week at the University of Michigan—a week involving, among other events, a football game, a President's reception, and a tribute to All-American U.M. alumnus Karl Genesko, now a Lieutenant in Ann Arbor's police force (Curly Smoke, 1995, etc.), who shares his life and a house with Anneke Haagen, owner of Computer Solutions. Read full book review >
CURLY SMOKE by Susan Holtzer
Released: Oct. 17, 1995

"Dwells too lengthily on Anneke's resistance to romantic commitment, but well-drawn characters, tidy plotting, and a strong sense of place are pluses: an affably readable story with special appeal for the computer-wise."
A second adventure for Ann Arbor's Anneke Haagen, divorced computer-whiz heroine of Something to Kill For (1994). Read full book review >
Released: May 17, 1994

"Ingratiating fare from a welcome newcomer, winner of the 1993 Best First Malice Domestic Novel Contest."
Making the weekend garage-sale circuit in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her friend, small-time collectibles dealer Joyce McCarthy, Anneke Haagen—owner of a thriving computer service—finds Joanna Westlake, bludgeoned and near death, whose last words are ``the Jap.'' Joyce's antiques co-op has a Japanese member, and the group fears the police will scapegoat Ellen Nakamura for the killing. Read full book review >