Books by Susan McCarthy

Released: July 1, 2004

"A prodigious summation of accepted and conjectural animal-learning capabilities, agreeably witty and bell-clear, though it includes all the exceptions and complications."
Science journalist McCarthy (co-author, When Elephants Weep, 1995) details the interplay between nature and nurture, instinct and learning, in her broad, synthesizing overview of the way animals learn to be animals. Read full book review >
Released: May 12, 1995

"But when he hears of one apparently meditating on a colorful sunset, he's ready to give the brute the benefit of the doubt. (First serial to Cosmopolitan and New Age Journal; Book-of-the- Month Club/Quality Paperback Book Club selections; author tour)"
Who says that wolves show no compassion, that ants are clueless when it comes to rage, that crows don't enjoy a good wheeze—in short, that animals other than humans don't have emotions—demands Masson (My Father's Guru, 1992, etc.) in this entertaining, if undefinitive, collection of soulful animal tales. Read full book review >