Books by Susan Slater

HAIR OF THE DOG by Susan Slater
Released: July 7, 2015

"Dan's third appearance starts out strong but fades in the back stretch as complications pile on and coincidences pile up."
Insurance investigator Dan Mahoney (Rollover, 2014, etc.) checks out monkey business at a Florida greyhound track.Read full book review >
ROLLOVER by Susan Slater
Released: July 1, 2014

"If Slater had continued the sequence, following the command 'roll over' with 'play dead,' we'd all save some time."
Insurance investigator Dan Mahoney (Flash Flood, 2002) gets more than he bargained for when he investigates a bank heist in Wagon Mound, New Mexico. Read full book review >
FLASH FLOOD by Susan Slater
Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"There'll be much, much more, with whispers of everything from alien experiments to voodoo, before Slater (Thunderbird, not reviewed, etc.) closes out this lively, surprising, overstuffed case, first of a series with one eye on Don Winslow's California Fire and Life."
Sent by United Life and Casualty to tiny Tatum, New Mexico, to investigate wealthy Billy Roland Eklund's six-figure claims for the death of three of his most highly prized cattle, private eye Dan Mahoney arrives at the Double Horseshoe Ranch just in time for the fireworks. Read full book review >