Books by Susan Strauss

Released: Oct. 1, 1998

A lovely creation myth from Costa Rica is retold in read-aloud rhythm and illustrated with gorgeous, tropical paintings. In the "long-ago" time, Sibu is creating all things, but he believes something is missing. To enlist his friend Thunder to help, Sibu entices him by creating a beautiful woman, named Sea. The two marry, and Sibu sends Sea with a walking-stick gift for Thunder, but he rejects it. Both gods warn her not to lay the stick on the ground, but Sea has an independent nature, and "Oh how the world is changed when a woman begins to wonder!" The stick, when put on the ground, turns into a snake that bites Sea, and from her deep sleep springs a huge tree full of leaves, blossoms, and birds; eventually, from the tree burst the waters of the world, and then Sibu knows what was missing. Thunder and Sea still meet, of course, dancing together in lightning and clouds. Sound effects are indicated by the waving, explosive typeface that will inspire dramatic story hours. The rich colors and vivid patterns of Acosta's illustrations echo Latino pottery and design, making this an irresistible package. (Picture book/folklore. 4-10) Read full book review >